Berlin based electro-rock duo The Unkindness Of Ravens featuring Nina Wagner – vocals – and Ben Raine – bass guitar / producer, return with new album Killing Horizon.

Their sound is raw, stripped down electro-rock, fusing garage rock riffs with industrial beats, to create a distortion based, modern alternative rock band.

Following on from Virus, their 2013 debut album, new album Killing Horizon is an expansion on their original minimalist sound, established on the underground London alt-rock and Goth scene, and then later developed in Berlin, giving the band a new electronic edge.

Killing Horizon is an uncompromising future rock record. Nina Wagner combines her blues rock voice with a modern electro aesthetic, while Ben Raine takes the potential of the bass guitar in new directions yet still retaining routes to garage rock and alt-90s rock bands.

Lyrically, the record explores ideas of oppressed truth and human identity, and desire and individual evolution.

Killing Horizon is the sound of a band pushing the boundaries of their minimalist construct, and in doing so creating a style both advanced and incendiary.

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